Water Leaking Between Midsection And Lower Unit – Here’s How to Fix It!

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Are you suffering from water leaking between midsection and lower unit in your boat? How do you get consulted to solve this serious matter? Most probably you will be tense about what to do now. 

Water leakage in the boat is a normal problem that most boat owners face. Many have tried to solve the issue with tape or caulk, but you cannot leave it this way, because this often proves to be only a temporary solution. There are many reasons behind this kind of leaking problem. 

By reading this article you will get a complete solution to the problem as here we include all the matters that you need to know to get rid of this trouble.  

Fixing The Water Leaking Between Midsection And Lower Unit

Water Leaking Between Midsection And Lower Unit

There are some simple techniques that you can take to fix the water seeping problem. The techniques depend on the location and size of the leak. 

Starts with finding the location of the source of the leak. Sometimes, it is more difficult to find the leak than to fix it as well as time-consuming. You can use a bright light and a mirror that will help you to find out the location from where the water is coming. By using bright light, examine sharply and look for the first emergence of a leak. The use of the mirror is to check its backside. 

Another way is to apply plastic and tape in the suspicious area and then seal it for some moment. Afterward, check whether it is dry or not. If it remains wet you have already identified the source. 

But if it is not then continue the process for another suspicious area. The way is effective to detach a leak but time-consuming too.

Once you have found the location of the leaking source successfully, stop the engine and disconnect the fuel line. 

If the leak is coming from a gasket or seal, then it is not so hard to fix. You can solve the problem by reseating the part or replacing it totally at a reasonable price. Also, if the problem is caused by corrosion or damage, you may need to replace the entire midsection or lower unit. 

If the problem occurs due to the water tube missing the water pump at the time of lower unit re-installation, alight the lower unit again and readjust the water tube that sits to the head of the water pump. 

After repairing or replacing any parts, you must rearrange all pipes, tubes, and connections and then restart your engine.

What Are The Causes Of Water Leaking Between Midsection and Lower Unit?

The cause of water leaking between midsection and lower unit usually could be a failing gasket. The gasket is generally used to seal two parts of an engine. And so, for the same reason, the adaptor is sited between the midsection and lower unit. 

It prevents both inner and outer seep of fluids like water, oil, etc. It helps to keep water in its place and seals the hole between the engine and the water pump. To cap your boat suitably engine gaskets are essential. You can replace it at an affordable price.

Now come to the point, that through an old and damaged gasket, a water leak is possible. If the gap between the engine and the water pump is not sealed, then the water leaking occurs. 

Also, the problem can arrive when the lower unit is re-installed, the water tube may miss the water pump. Some of the most common reasons for water leakage is the Improper installation of a gasket that seals the midsection to the lower unit. 

Besides, the old and damaged seals on the adaptor or already gone seals or no replacement of gasket, erosion, and damage in the lower unit of the boat motor are responsible for water seeping. Additionally, if you show apathy to the proper maintenance of your boat that can also lead to water seepage.

Ways To Prevent Water From Leaking Between The Midsection And Lower Unit

There are a few ways to help prevent water from leaking between the section and lower unit on your boat. First of all, ensure the proper maintenance of your boat. Make sure that the water pump is installed correctly. 

It is better to apply sealant tape or caulking around the joint where the midsection and lower unit meet together. Sealants will form a waterproof and airtight cover between these two sections. 

The caulking process will keep your boat sealed and well protected. You can also use a rubber gasket or sealant strip. That will provide you with a tighter seal. If water is still continuing to leak, you can try to install rubber washers between the midsection and lower unit.

These components are highly useful, changeable, and suitable for sealing that requests to prevent leakage.  Another option is to use a waterproofing compound on the joint for small-sized holes. Here, the most frequently scratched part of a motor is the lower unit. That also may lead to water leakage

Often, they get damaged due to the unseen drowning trees and pillars that hit the motor in the water. So, you should be very careful while boating so that you can protect your boat from this type of hazard. 


Recently water leaking between these two parts has become a major issue. There are many reasons that lead to this matter. Different reasons have different solutions. You have to find out the cause. 

In this article, we have described all the things that are necessary for you to know. The reasons behind this kind of leakage problem: can be gasket failure or damage to the lower unit, the way you can locate the source, tips to fix the problem: gasket replacement or sealing procedure, and the steps that will help you to prevent the leakage of water. 

Hope that from here you will get a helpful solution to sort out this matter. So, good luck!

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