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Choosing the right rod and reel combo is the foundation for any kind of fishing. Especially if you are going tuna fishing. New anglers have a common misconception that big sticks are for big fish.

As yellowfin and bluefin are the favorites and big in size, you will need a big stick to fish tuna. This concept is wrong. Maybe this concept worked in ancient times, but today’s fishing world is much more advanced.

Now, you don’t necessarily need a heavyweight and big stick for tuna fishing. The build material of fishing equipment has become more advanced now. Today’s durable and action-pack tuna fishing rods are getting lighter and smaller in size.

Also, some other factors are essential to keep in mind to choose the perfect tuna spinning rod reel combo

So, what exactly do you need to consider when choosing a tuna spinning rod reel combo? It can be quite confusing when you are new to this thing and don’t have much idea. 

The length, materials, the right size, and other things to consider will make your head dizzy and maybe even you will end up choosing the wrong one and manage to make your tuna fishing journey disastrous. 

Keeping that in mind, I have summed up some factors that will guide you to choose the perfect combo for you. Also, I am going to give a fair review of two of my favorite tuna spinning rod and reel combo.

By the end of the article, you will have enough information to choose one for yourself and give suggestions to others who need it. Let’s dive into the discussion. 

Two Of My Favorite Tuna Spinning Rod Reel Combo

I have been doing tuna fishing for quite some time now and gathered a great amount of experience all about it. Along my journey, I have used a few numbers of rod reel combos but not all of them are my favorite.

So, first I will discuss and try to give a fair review of my two favorite rod reel combos for tuna fishing.   

Eat My Tackle 30 Tuna Spinning Rod Reel Combo 

Tuna spinning rod reel combo
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 If you have searched for the good rod reel combo then Eat My Tackle must have popped up. It is one of my favorite rod reel combos for tuna fishing. When I first started tuna fishing, I bought some bad rod reel combo first and the experience was unpleasant.

Then a friend of mine suggested this combo and I gave it a try. And it did not disappoint me. It is an incredible rod reel combo. 

The rod is lightweight and perfect in size. And the big-size EVA foam grip is comfortable to hold when you are fishing for a long time. The rod is made from composite which is the finest rod material available on the market.

This composite-made rod is incredibly durable and lightweight. I haven’t broken any single rod while fishing.  And the 5.5 feet rod size is ideal for tuna fishing. 

The reel is also great for tuna fishing. The stainless-steel built reel is durable and provides smooth performance.

The line capacity is 950 yards and the max drag capacity is 85lbs. The line capacity and the drag capacity are ideal for tuna fishing. I haven’t had any problem with casting or dragging. 

And the price is quite affordable compared to some other products available in the market. 

If you are planning for buying your first rod-reel combo for tuna fishing then I would recommend this product anytime. You will have a great fishing experience with this combo. 

PENN Squall Star Drag Tuna Spinning Rod Reel Combo 

Tuna spinning rod reel combo

Anyone having little to no experience or at least researched a little bit about fishing equipment has heard of the Penn fishing reel. They are in the market for quite some time and providing pretty good fishing reels over the years.

And now they are providing rod reel combos. So, I had to try one of them since they have shown great efficiency with their reels. So, I bought a Penn squall star drag to test out and it became one of my favorite combos. 

Penn reel is one of the finest. So, the experience with the reel was great. The reel is strong and durable, providing smooth performance. Line and drag capacity is great. An interesting feature of this reel is the fats gear access side plate.

It helps the angler to clean and grease the reel quickly. And the risk of losing any reel parts is zero. This is a quite handful feature if you fish regularly. So, I have never faced any problem with the reel. Penn kept its promise with the reel.

The rod is 7 feet long and the build material is graphite composite. Graphite composite made blank does a great job while dragging a large tuna. This rod was specifically made for big-game saltwater fishing. The good thing about this combo is it’s lightweight, has an affordable price, and has a simple setup system. 

The reason this combo is my second choice is its rod length and rod material. 7 feet is not my ideal choice for a tuna combo rod. 5.5-6 feet is the perfect choice for casting. And the graphite rod is not quite good as the composite rod.

There may have been some cases where you will get a broken rod. But Penn takes care of it professionally. 

This is my take on these two combos for tuna fishing. I would recommend Eat My Tackle over the pen because of the rod size and material. Although it’s not a big issue, I wouldn’t take any chances.

How To Choose the Right Combo for You? 

Tuna spinning rod reel combo

As I said earlier, choosing the right combo for tuna fishing is difficult. Especially if you are new to this sport. You can’t just go and buy a big strong rod and stick a reel to it for tuna fishing. So, what will you choose the right combo for you? 

Well, from my experience and tested opinion from experts, I have put together some of the criteria to consider while choosing a combo for tuna fishing. Read the guideline carefully and you will be able to find the best combo for you. 

First, let’s talk about the rod. What to look for when choosing a rod for a tuna combo? 

Rod Length:

Having the right size rod is important for any kind of fishing not only tuna. You have to know what you are getting into. Fishing tuna means you are in saltwater. Where you need a big casting range but easy-to-handle rod length.

A longer size will give you longer casting but is hard to handle and smaller size is easy to handle but not that long casting range. So, you will need a balanced size rod that is both easily handled and have a long casting range. For beginners, 5.5-6.6 is the recommended rod size. 

Rod Materials:

Which rod material will be ideal for tuna fishing? Choosing the right rod materials can change the success rate of your fishing. For tuna fishing composite is the perfect rod material. Composite is the combination of fiberglass and graphite.

There are also fiberglass and graphite rod available in the market. But with the mixture of these two, composite became far more superior material. The composite rod is more durable and lightweight than fiberglass and graphite rod. 

Rod Action:

There are three kinds of rod action available. Slow, medium, and fast. Action is the indication of how much and where the rod will bend. Action has a significant role in how you will be able to handle your rod and how big fish you will be able to catch.

For tuna fishing, fast action rod is ideal. Fast action rod bends at the top part, very sensitive which creates vibration with even the small nibbles. Fast-action rods let you use a powerful hook because it can snap back quickly.

Since it bends at the top part, the strong backbone will help you to catch the largest fish possible. In the saltwater, if you are looking to catch a tuna, fast action rod is the only choice. 

Rod Power:

Rod power means the ability to handle pressure. Similar to rod action, heavy power rods are good for large fish. As tuna mainly is larger fish, a heavy power rod will be the choice for the tuna combo. 

By following this guideline, you will find the best rod for your tuna combo. 

Now, let’s sort out the reel part. What kind of reel will be perfect for the tuna combo? 

Reel for Tuna Combo:

Tuna is amongst the larger category of saltwater fishes. Now, to catch a larger and heavyweight fish you must need a good quality reel. The reel must have great durability, high drag power, long line capacity, and smooth performance. 

To maintain all these criteria, you should choose a reel that has an aluminum frame and stainless-steel bearing system. The line capacity should be at least 500 yards and the drag capacity should be more than 50lbs. 

If you follow these guidelines properly, you will get the right tuna spinning rod reel combo. 


Choosing the right rod and reel is the key foundation for a successful fishing journey. So, just don’t spend your money on the wrong combos. Always choose your fishing gear wisely.

If you are a beginner and looking for a tuna combo, then you can go for either one of the combos I suggested. But if you want to go for your own choice then you just keep in mind the criteria I mentioned. And choose the combos you prefer. 

I hope this article helped you with some answers you were looking for. Now, go get the gear and start to enjoy the fishing experience. 

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