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One of the most popular and perfect boats for fishing activities all over the world is the Jon boat. Who else doesn’t know that whenever the time comes for shallow water hunting and fishing, Jon boats are always at the top of anyone’s choice?

Definitely, everyone knows. But even being this much perfect, for providing enough space with a flat shape Jon boats don’t have very high sides. So, this flat design of Jon boats leans towards it not being as much of stable and steady as further types of boats. I think you are also here for this reason.

Sponsons are platforms that hang down from the boat’s hull and provide stability and balance.

So, yes. A Jon boat can be made more stable. Sponsons on Jon Boat can make it more stabilized and also steadied by. As Jon boat hull is made with Aluminum, they are very much more stable than any inflatable boat or a boat that is installed with airtight and light-weight sponsors. 

Should I Buy with Or Without Sponsons on Jon Boat?

Jon boats come out in the market with or without sponsons. So, you can choose any type of them. The options are available. For example, the F-4 Pro Hull 1754, one of Jon’s boats that has long-sponson pods and a high transom. This feature of this boat makes it go above the water very fast with much stability.

But Most of the Jon boats available on market don’t have sponsons built into them. Though Jon boats are more stable than inflatable boats, if you still feel insecure to ride it into the water then you can purchase sponsons in particular and then add them to your boat. Even if you buy a used Jon boat and you want to repair it and make it steadier and more stable than before you can also add external sponsons.

So, sponsons are basically the particles that are added to both sides of Jon boat or any watercraft. They extend Jon’s boats downwards into the waterside. Floating pods are analogous in purpose and function to sponsons.

But floating pods are not enduringly added to the Jon boat. As an alternative, floating pods can be installed when required. And then can remove away when they are not required anymore. Both floating pods and sponsons can be utilized to increase the attainment and performance of any watercraft. But they have their individual advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits Of Having Sponsons on Jon Boat:

The finest and most effective way to stabilize an unbalanced and unstable Jon boat is to first detect the reason behind this instability. In most cases, the issue of instability can solve by adding sponsons to a boat. After having sponsons on Jon Boat, the benefits of having sponsons become countless. A few of the benefits of having Sponsons on Jon Boat are given below:

  • Sponsons improve the stability of Jon boat.
  • Besides, providing extra stability on Jon boat, they also lift the vessel. So, they can be utilized to support the boat to navigate in rough waves on water.
  • Sponsons help Jon boats to increase buoyancy and reduce draft.
  • They expand tracking on planes. They also expand to hull slap if designed into hull adds to storage volume by moving needed floatation out. 

Drawbacks Of Having Sponsons on Jon Boat:

There really do not have any drawbacks to having sponsons on any boat. Whenever they need to attach to an existing hull of the boat, then it is also needed to be careful to keep the balance of the additional weight and the new design and structure compared to the quantity of buoyancy added.

As most of the time sponsons are added to the overall length of the boat hull, it is also very important to keep in mind the measurement of length. Unless sponsons cannot be performed properly. Moreover, a fact needs to keep in mind that, sponsons have compensation if stay in the backwaters. But also have shortcomings if venture out front. 

What Do Sponsons Do on A Boat?

We all know that sponsons are a special feature that can be added to any boat or watercraft. There are many things that sponsons perform when adding it to a boat. Actually, in my opinion, a tunnel hull is worthless because it lacks not have them. The things that a sponson does on a boat are all listed below:

  • Sponsons exaggerate the boat from the hull for ensuring more stability while floating. They enhance extra steadiness to the boat when they are underway.
  • They also perform as a securing kit for other appliances of a boat.
  • Sponsons make turns sharper on a boat because of their feature to dig in within the turn.
  • Sponsons improve the overall performance of a boat.
  • They help to be on the plane quicker and faster. Also, sponsons increase the load carrying capacity of a boat.

How Do You Add Sponsons to A Jon Boat?

Sponsons on Jon boats can be added just like floating pods. They have to add both sides of the boat. As Jon boat hulls are made with aluminum, so airtight sponsons will not be useful for them. So, when sponsons are added on Jon Boat they can be attached externally like floating pods or by just adding permanently.


Sponsons on Jon boats are so much useful. The only drawback of Jon boats is unstableness which is the main cause behind the reluctance of people using them can be solved just using sponsons. So, if you face this type of problem with your Jon boat, then you can use Sponsons on both sides of the Jon boat.

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