Rem Oil For Fishing Reels- How Does It Perform?

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Can you use rem oil on fishing reels?

You can use Rem oil for fishing reels without any hesitation. You will have no regret for this buying decision ever. It is a versatile product and fulfills all of the criteria that are important and a normal reel oil should be.

I use rem oil on my reel for light oiling and other purposes. It is so thin and colorless and also it looks just like normal water. So, I use that thin oil a lot on spinning reels to make the reel greater spinning.  

When I encountered my first bottle of Rem Oil the first thing I observed was its viscosity. I was so impressed that I always have a bottle in my collection.  As my experience says fishing reel oil should be clear, non-sticky, lower viscosity, and light. And it is an excellent product that fulfills all prospects. 

The ingredient that makes it different from others is Teflon. That effectively blocks any pollution, acts as a barricade against erosion, and declines roughness. Here, I am going to share my personal experience and journey with the rem oil and make a guideline for you so that you can make your decision easier.

Why Should I Prefer Using Rem Oil for Fishing Reels?

Rem oil for fishing reels
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You should not use heavy oil or grease on your Fishing Reels. Using light lubricants like Rem Oil is an admirable choice. Maybe it is not the best cleaner or lubricant out there, its protecting abilities are definitely higher. 

The designer’s team added a different material named Teflon to the rem oil. This is its specialty of it. The Teflon membrane effectively blocks any pollutants from sticking to the gun and can’t be wiped away. This formula is the protection reason for Rem Oil.

Not only in reem, you also can use Rem oil in any parts of your fishing equipment like boats, and reels.

Benefits Of Using Rem Oil For Fishing Reels

  • The Rem Oil is a great lubricant and dehydrates on the surface.
  • It is fluid with Lower viscosity, so it can flow easily. 
  • The main advantage of the oil is that it spreads to the areas that are often hard to reach which get ignored too because of the lower viscosity. 
  • The Teflon membrane is the protection factor of the rem oil that blocks contaminations.
  • Prevent water from getting inside the reel as well as protect them from being corrosive during use by creating a protective layer.
  • For lubing the bearings super fast, it works well by itself. 
  • It has a great friction factor.
  • Low in price.
  • Last for a long time.

Drawbacks Of Using Rem Oil For Fishing Reels

A few people claim that rem oil can build up a waxy substance, and it gets gummy. But in my experience, I’ve never faced any problem with this kind of build-up. By the way, people also claim that:

  • The oil is too thin
  • Easy to Evaporate
  • They are not right for gears.
  • Not lubing appropriately.
  • You need to reapply this rem oil every pair of weeks.

Rem Oil Vs Other Oils for Fishing Reels 

There’s actually nothing superior about Rem Oil’s components, unlike various of its competitors. Some of its components are inflammable. They are not environmentally friendly that most other companies have tried to achieve. 

By the way, Rem Oil is free of CFCs. The most impressive ingredient that makes it different from others is the Teflon. You already know that Teflon offers a lubricating and protective shield. 

By the way, in this section, we will briefly introduce some other reel oil and make a comparison with Rem Oil.

CLENZOIL Marine & Tackle Fishing Reel Oil Rem Oil

The formulation and working procedure are different for both. For Marine & Tackle, all facilities are available in one cleaning and preservation kit. Microfiber cloth included for cleaning. 

It also protects against gear wearing and deterioration. Synthetic grease helps in this matter. A Pump sprayer cleans and oils all sections of the reel. Also, a needle tip distributes and brings oil to the tight spaces that are hard to reach. 

The needle oiler helps to clean, prevent rust and lubricate your fishing reel. Overall, it’s a complete kit that keeps your fishing reel working efficiently. 

Lucas Fishing Reel Oil vs Rem Oil

Both are the same in performance. Lucas Fishing Reel Oil has no harmful materials. The best thing about Lucas Oil is that you don’t have to disassemble and oil the reel. No need to carry various lubricating products.

Crosman RMCoil vs Rem Oil

Both are equally good for a fishing reel. The nature of RMCoil is the same as Rem Oil. Like Rem oil, RMCoil is a liquid oil as well as relatively thin. On the other hand, unlike Rem oil, it is a fluid that has high viscosity. 

So, it is hard to flow.  Also, Recoil doesn’t have the Teflon ingredient in its formulation. So, you would prefer Rem Oil to recoil.

Rem Oil vs. Ballistol

Ballistol is excellent for lubricating all components of fishing reels. Typically, it’s better than Rem Oil.  Whereas like oil, regular oil is not soluble in water, even like ordinary oil. But Ballistol is soluble in water like ordinary oil. 

It will stick to the water and become a part of it, never rising to the surface. So, it is a plus that it remains after you’ve wiped off the water.

Rem Oil vs. Hoppe’s No. 9

Hoppe’s No.9 is perfect for fishing reels. When it is about the solvent ability, the performance of Hoppe’s No. 9 is pointedly better than Rem Oil. 

It is fluid with higher viscosity. Also, it does not expire or harden. Hoppe’s No. 9 oil is easy to use through its bottle. This is not the case with REM oil.

Rem Oil vs. Froglube

The performance of Rem Oil and Froglube is almost the same except for the price. Get the cheapest one.

How To Use Rem Oil for Fishing Reels Properly? 

Rem oil for fishing reels

As Rem Oil is a surface treatment, you need to remove everything. Prepare Your Workplace. You will need a fishing reel, Rem oil, cotton, and cleaning solvent. 

Set up the surface over which you will work on your reel. Wash using a cleaning solvent before oiling and then oil all the parts that have the possibility to be affected by friction.  

Here I am going to discuss the steps of using rem oil on your fishing reel. Now start the process:

  • Remove the handle and the spool first from your reel body carefully. Then grab the handle, there exists a bearing right into the knob. Use cotton to remove dirt or oil. Then apply one drop of rem oil to it and spin it around so that the oil can reach into the knob bearing.
  • Apply scrubbing solvent inside of the spool, to the drag knob and uncovered parts. Use cotton swabs to remove stains from cracks. Then oil the shaft putting only one drop of oil. Also, apply oil to the gears and bail arms. Don’t put too much oil on the shaft. That may damage anti- anti-reverse.
  • Clean the bail connection points and line roller using a cleaning solvent. Lightly brush it and let it dry, then put a few drops of rem oil to the connection points. Open and close the bail arm several times to let the oil seep into the cracks. Also, put one drop on the line roller.
  • Take away the screw cap on it. Use a cotton swab to remove dirt or oil. Apply one drop of reel oil in the center of each bearing. Then spin the rotor so that the oil can go to both sides of the bearings. Then reassemble the screw cap, reel handle, and the spool on your reel body.
  •  With reel oil, wipe down the whole reel lightly. This will add a protection layer and prevent water from getting inside the reel during use.

When washing the reel, do not use hard water pressure, to help extend their lifetime use gentle water instead. Before cleaning, secure the drags on the spinning reel. After proper use, let it sit for a moment. Remove the oil completely and the surface should not appear wet. It shouldn’t have a coating of wax. This is the right method to use this product.

How Often Should I Oil My Fishing Reel?

You should oil everything at least once during each time you’ll be fishing. Rinse each of your reels with gentle water and let it dry after a day of fishing, then Oil your Fishing Reel. 

An important step in fishing is to Keep your gear clean. Cleaning the reel every time is not necessary for a non-professional. Occasionally you should oil your reel at least once or twice a year. But this is not sufficient for professionals.

They need to do that more often. Moreover, you had better oil your reel each time you disassemble it. Always use gentle water when rinsing reels.


Considering all things, we can signify that the rem oil is one of the multipurpose products that you can buy for your fishing reel. It fulfills all prospects of what a normal reel oil should be. 

The innovative Teflon element of the oil has made it a remarkable product. Moreover, it works great as a protector and lubricant. It also cleans well.

Additionally, it has already established its value through its great work. It is available at a reasonable price. Obviously, it is highly recommended.

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