Owner Hooks Vs Gamakatsu – Which One Is My Favourite?

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Choosing the right hooks is important for an angler. It’s the most crucial part of fishing. If you don’t choose your hooks right, your fishing can go wrong. And, out of all the fishing hooks available on the market, Owner hooks and Gamakatsu hooks are the two hooks that catch the attention.

And I have seen several discussions about which one is better among Owner Hooks Vs Gamakatsu, for fishing. So, when I started to look around which hook will be best for me, I got confused. Man, there are enough different opinions to confuse any beginners. 

So, I did some research about choosing the right hooks and came up with some factors to compare between two hooks. I will apply those factors to the owner hooks and Gamakatsu hooks and help you find the right one for your fishing journey. 

Owner Hooks Vs Gamakatsu

Owner hooks and Gamakatsu hooks have been in the market for a long time, giving quality services to the fishing community. They both are great hooks but only one can be the winner. And as they say “Every fish story begins with a perfect hook”.

So, how will you choose your winner between this two? Let’s see a comparison and review of both hooks and fixed the decision. 

Factors OwnerGamakatsu
Build Materials High carbon steel, Zo-wire material. High carbon steel
DurabilityOwner hooks are made from high-carbon steel and they are quite strong and durable but owner hooks have a tendency to break. Gamakatsu hooks are made with only the most premium grade high carbon steel with a unique tempering style that makes their hooks much stronger and long-lasting.
PriceOwner hook’s price starts from 3 dollars and goes up to 15 dollars.Gamakatsu hook’s price Starts from 3 dollars and goes up to 20 dollars.
User ReviewTerry Mulkey, a Veteran Pacific Northwest Salmon and Steelhead guide says “Since I make my living as a professional guide, I believe in using the highest quality gear available. That’s why I use Owner hooks. They are the sharpest and strongest hooks I have ever used and, most importantly, they help my clients catch more fish. Use Owner hooks once and they sell themselves.”“Over my entire career fishing Gamakatsu, I envisioned making the best finesse hook in the world. Gamakatsu’s New G Finesse Series combines Ultra Sharp Tournament Grade Wire with Nano Smooth Technology for the ultimate in hook penetration. This new technology will take my fishing finesse to a new level”. ~ Aaron Martens
VariationThe owner has all types of hooks available.Gamakatsu also has all kinds of hooks and a variety of colors. 
PriceClick to CheckClick To Check

Owner Hook Review

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The owner uses high carbon steel and their proprietary zo-wire material to make their hooks. Which makes their hooks better quality and stronger than other hooks available on the market. And the owner owns another special feature triple-edged cutting point.

This triple-edged cutting point is sharp as a needle and needs no extra sharpening after purchase.  It helps owner hooks penetrate quickly with even the toughest spot of a fish like cartilage and jawbones. Owner hook’s price is a bit on the higher side but they provide value to the price.

Gamakatsu Review

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Gamakatsu hooks are worldwide known for their quality build material, unique tempering process, variation in colors, and consistent build quality. Gamakatsu uses the finest quality high carbon steel that is specially made for hook manufacturing.

And they own a unique tempering process that uses the right amount of temperature for different hooks that are perfect for the size. That helps them to make it much more durable and consistent in their quality.

Gamakatsu hooks provide variation in hooks colors to match the color of the bait. Gamakatsu hook’s pricing is higher than other hook brands but they give the quality that other brands do not.

Owner Hooks Vs Gamakatsu – Which One Is the Winner?

If I have to choose a winner between these two hooks then Gamakatsu is the winner for me. They both are the finest hooks you can find on the market but why did I choose Gamakatsu? The answer is simple.

Gamakatsu provides some features that the owner doesn’t. Gamakatsu provides the right value for me. Like their modern sharpening process, build quality, color variation, and consistency in quality.

Gamakatsu hooks are more costly but I don’t mind the price as long they do their job properly. Gamaktsu makes their hooks in a way that will be best for anyone and every fishing situation. 

But everyone’s preferences are different. Also, choosing the right hooks depends on what kind of water you are going on fishing, how big the size of fish can be, and what is your budget for the whole gear setup. But I’ll always choose Gamakatsu hooks over owner hooks.


Gamakatsu and its owner always have been the competition amongst the fishing community. They both provide great hooks for their price point. But not everyone will choose the same product because of the difference in needs.

So, in case of choosing the right hooks, you must have set your preferences and then select what’s best for you. Believe me, that’s the better way to go.

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