3 Most Durable Spinning Reel- You Must Like

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Fishing is one of the finest experiences one can have. Whether it’s recreational fishing or professional it always gives you the same thrill and vibe. But to enjoy the full experience of fishing, you need top-quality equipment.

It would not be a pleasant experience if you break your fishing gear in the middle of retrieval or if it stops working. It’s the most disappointing thing one can experience while fishing. To avoid that you have to make sure that your equipment is a top-quality product. 

The fishing reel is an essential gear for fishing. Without a good, durable fishing reel you won’t have much of the fishing experience you want. And choosing this reel can be very critical. There is a different kind of fishing reels available to choose from. Which one to get?

Well, a spinning fishing reel is recommended for beginners. The reason is spinning reel is easy to use, ideal for any kind of fishing, has versatile features, and always comes with superior quality. 

Now, from my years of fishing journey and experience, I have put together three of the one is most durable spinning reel I like most. These reels are tested and tried to their full potential. In the later part, I will discuss how you will figure out if a reel is durable and give a review of the most durable three spinning reels you can get. 

By following this article, you will be able to save valuable time and money of yours from choosing the wrong one. 

How can I figure out if a reel is Durable?

How do you know if a reel is durable or not? The durability of a reel depends on how long the reel will last without losing the top-notch performance. And to measure the durability of a reel you can consider three criteria. The build material, the quality of the construction, and the Servicing warranty. Let’s discuss these criteria elaborately. 

1. The Build Material:

Reels are generally made from aluminum and graphite or composite (a combination of both). Aluminum reels are stronger than graphite. The graphite reels are lighter and easy to handle. But choosing the right build material depends on which water you going to fish.

Aluminum reels are best for freshwater fishing and the strongest reel are made from aluminum. But They won’t survive in the saltwater. Because aluminum doesn’t have the rust and corrosion resistance saltwater reels require. On the other hand, graphite reels are more saltwater friendly. They provide good rust and corrosion resistance. 

So, choosing the right build material comes down to your choice of fishing style. If you mostly fish in freshwater then an aluminum reel is the way to go if you consider durability. 

2. The Quality of Construction:

How well the reels are constructed is important for durability. Say, the material is the highest quality but the finishing is bad. All the parts are flimsy and loose. The positioning of the parts is not precise. Then the highest quality material won’t serve you well.

Spinning reels tend to have more body parts than other reels. So, a reel with fewer body parts and precise finishing will be more durable. 

3. Servicing Warranty:

A manufacturer warranty is a bonus point. Let’s say your reel is performing well but suddenly some of the parts stop working. What do you do then? Here comes the servicing warranty like a king.

You will get back your reel like a new one after servicing I you have a warranty. The more the warranty period, the more durable a reel is considered. You will get up to 10 years of manufacturer warranty with some of the reels. 

Keep in mind these three things when looking for a durable fishing reel. 

3 Most Durable Spinning Reels, I Like Most

 There are a lot of spinning reels in the market with some great features. How will you choose from them? Which one will provide you the best value for money with great durability and smooth performance? To make your job easy I have put together the three most durable spinning reels that are available right now in the market and provide the best value for money. 

1. PENN Battle III – Most Durable Spinning Reel 

Most Durable Spinning Reel

Penn did a classic move with their new generation Penn battle III spinning reel. It is more durable and reliable than their previous generation. The previous generation reel was also great but this one has all the things anglers need. This model won the best saltwater reel category in 2020. 

The full metal body is brilliantly made and has a robust feeling to it. The side plate is also metal built. It will last longer than any of their previous reels. They change their regular cast gearing system and replace it with a CNC-cut gearing system.

This added feature makes the reel more durable and smoother than ever. The new HT-100 carbon fiber drag washer is sealed very carefully to prevent saltwater from getting in. Which makes the reel rust and corrosion resistant. It means a longer lifespan for the reel and more fishing in the saltwater.

The ball bearing system is also well-sealed against rust and corrosion. The size is also ideal for offshore fishing. Its size varies from 7.8- 12.2 Oz, depending on the model you going to get. Oh, I forgot to mention, it has 5 different model varieties. That means you can choose according to your need. 

In my time of use, this reel performed well. It never disappointed me and this beast is a real powerhouse for any kind of fishing. This is the most capable reel from Penn. I would recommend this to anyone for its durability and smoother performance. 

2. PENN Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

Most Durable Spinning Reel

PENN Slammer III was the best spinning reel when it came out in 2016 and also it won that year’s best saltwater spinning reel category. Penn is the name of trust when it comes to spinning reels.

They have gained the respect of the anglers with their insane durability, and consistent delivery of smooth performance. What makes the Penn reels stay at the top is their balanced combination of features and construction quality. Which provides the ultimate durability and performance. 

PENN Slammer III has a full metal body, side plate, and rotor construction. Which already makes it durable. And that’s not the only thing. This reel has an IPX6-rated sealed body and spool design. Which is the finest rust and corrosion resistance system against saltwater.

And the drag system is sealed with dura-drag. The drag system is important when it comes to the durability of reels. Because only a metal body won’t make the reel durable when it comes to bigger and heavier fish. To handle the bigger fish, you need a quality drag system that is smooth and last longer. 

The reason this Penn reel is my second choice is its weight and price. It’s heavier than the Battle one. You may think heavier means more durability but in fishing, it’s better to have lightweight yet durable gear. And it has a little more price tag than the battle one. So, why spend the extra money when you are getting everything in less money? Also, this is an old model. 

3. SHIMANO Stradic CI4 3000FB

Shimano stradic CI4 3000FB is a good reel from Shimano. It uses carbon interior fusion technology to give a strong and durable build quality yet remain lightweight. It performs well in most conditions. Well, most conditions are because it is a freshwater spinning reel.

And freshwater spinning reels may perform the same in saltwater but they do not have the rust and corrosion resistance for saltwater to survive in the long term. And you just don’t buy a reel for just fishing in the freshwater. It provides a nice drag capacity and the construction quality of the reel is pretty good. This is one of the finest reels for use in freshwater.

Two things I don’t like about this reel are its price and the lacking of good corrosion resistance against saltwater. It is a little bit expensive in comparison to its previous competitor. But if you don’t find the Penn reels available in your area then you can go for this one without any doubt. It will serve well in the freshwater. 


The market for spinning reels is very competitive. Especially under the $250 segment. At this price point, it’s a hard job to find out the best one that will be the best value for money. That’s why I have done this article to help you to find the best value-for-money spinning reels you can find out there. 

I hope the article was helpful and you have enough idea about spinning reel and you will get the best one for you. A splendid fishing journey is waiting for you. 

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