3 Longest Casting Baitcaster Reel – My Choice

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If you are fishing for a long enough time, you must know the advantages of long-distance casting. A bait-caster reel does long-distance casting better than any other reel available. Bait-caster reels have other advantages but long casting is the most useful when fishing offshore or in a crowded place. 

Casting distance does have a great effect on success rate when all the fish are at a further distance. So, when you have a long-distance casting reel that can deliver your lures and bait to the fish, surely you will be able to catch more fish. 

I used to have difficulties casting long distances at the beginning. But with time and practice, I learned to cast longer. But you don’t have to spend that much time to cast longer properly. With the right longest casting baitcaster reels you also can cast longer from the beginning. But which one is the longest casting Baitcaster reel? There are a lot of bait-caster reels available in the market. 

So, to make the job easy for you I have put together a list of the three longest bait-caster reels which also provide a good value for money for other features. In the later part of the article, I will give a detailed review of these three products. Hopefully, that will help you to make the choice and get the longest bait-caster reels. 

3 Longest Casting Baitcaster Reel – My Personal Choice  

Choosing bait-caster reels just for long-distance casting is not a wise decision. Bait-caster reels normally have the longest casting capacity. So, keeping that in mind you have to consider other features like durability, performance, and valued price tag. The three reels I have chosen today are the three longest-casting bait-caster reels available along with other features of a good reel. 

These reels are intensely tested and proven by expert anglers. Also, I have been using these reels for quite some and they have fulfilled my expectations all along. So, let’s dive into the review and see if these reels can provide you with the value you need. 

Goture Long Casting Bait-caster Reel

Goture provides a great long-casting bait-caster reel. The reel features a magnetic braking system. This braking system uses a magnetic force to slow down the spool speed to maintain a consistent speed and reduce the possibility of backlash. A lower level of backlash is important for distance casting. 

The 7:1 gear ratio provides a smooth performance. The 7 shielded bearings with anti-reverse bearings help to reduce the chances of friction and that helps when you are casting a long distance. The reel features a braided line which is the most efficient line setup for long-distance casting. The line capacity is 160 yd and the max drag capacity is 17.6 lbs.

A larger line and drag capacity are needed when you are aiming for distance casting. Also, this reel weighs only 7.4 oz which is lightweight and easy to handle. That comes in handy for distance casting. And one of the important things is the price. It’s affordable and able to cast long distances with a good and reliable performance. 

Things that I like Most: 
  • Magnetic braking system
  • Braided line capacity
  • Good maximum drag capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cast than the older casting reel model
  • Comfortable in the hand
Things that I don’t like: 
  • Build material is not that great
  • The handle gets wobbly after a few months of usage.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Long Casting Bait-caster Reel

Longest Casting Baitcaster Reel

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket, the name speaks for itself. The rocket name keeps its meaning with the 41 inches line retrieval capacity. This much line capacity is not usually common amongst the bait-caster reels. It means you can fish the fastest way possible in any situation. This line capacity lets you cover more water in less time than other reels. Besides these much line capacity is helpful when you fishing in shallow cover.  

This reel is a powerhouse when it comes to durability, performance, drag capacity, and line capacity. The full stainless-steel made body gives the toughest durability you can have. The power stack carbon matrix drag system gives the smoothest performance throughout all the ranges and provides less friction. And less friction in gears mean you can cover more distance.

This reel provides a braid capacity of 190/20 (yd/lb). This line capacity is good enough for long casting. Also, as you should know that braid line capacity is one of the finest for long casting. Braid capacity uses a thinner diameter than other systems like mono or fluoro. The gear ratio is 10.1:1 and has 11 bearing capacity.

This means you will have far smoother performance with little to zero backlash. Less friction, less backlash, and a smother gear system help to cast more distance. Another important thing is the max drag capacity. This reel has an 18 lb drag capacity. This much drag capacity is good enough when you use long-distance casting.

And the final good thing about this reel is its weight. This reel weighs only 7.34 oz. This is a very lightweight reel. And lightweight reels give you more control in your hands when casting. So, you cast long-distance more comfortably with this lightweight reel. 

Things that I like most: 
  • Great durability.
  • Braid line capacity
  • More gear ratio
  • 18 lb max drag capacity
  • Lightweight 
  • Simple and easy to use.
Things that I don’t like: 
  • No rubber parts
  • Little bit pricey

All reels have some cons. Considering the cons this reel is perfect for long-distance casting. It’s an easy recommendation for beginners and pros. 

Coastal TWS 150 Long Casting Bait-caster Reel

Longest Casting Baitcaster Reel

Coastal TWS 150 bait-caster reel is from the famous reel maker Daiwa. Like other reels from Daiwa, this one is also a value-for-money product. This reel has a lot of good features to stand out from other reels. But I will talk about the features that make the reel one of the best longest-casting bait-caster reels. 

The first attraction of this reel is the braid line capacity. It has 220/20 braid capacity. As we know the larger the line capacity a reel has, the longer it can cast. This feature alone helps the reel to stand out from the crowd. 

Then comes the t-wing system provides a wider gap that allows the line to move freely when casting. This reduces the amount of friction and makes the cast smooth. That is what you need when you are planning to cast long-distance. A narrow gap slows down the line and costs the distance. 

Another great feature is the air-brake system. Air-brake system has an inductor cup that reads the speed and uses the exact amount of brake at the exact time and lets the spool spin freely at other times. For this, there is a zero chance of backlash and longer casts than other traditional bait-caster reels. The 150-size SV spool used in this reel adds extra benefits as it’s a 100-size reel body. This means you will have a line capacity for handling larger fish with a small reel body. This reel is also lightweight with 6.9 oz. 

This reel also has other good features that provide great durability and smooth performance.

Things that I like most: 
  • Longer braid line capacity
  • T-wing system
  • Air-brake system
  • Lightweight
  • Strong build
  • Larger spool capacity in a small body.
Things that I don’t like: 
  • Lower Max drag capacity. This means only inshore fishing. 
  • Higher price than competitors.

If you are looking for a longer casting bait-caster reel and only do inshore fishing then it will be the best bait-caster reel for you even though it has some extra prices.

What To Keep in Mind When Purchasing Longest Casting Bait-caster Reel?

Usually, all bait-caster reels can be cast longer than other conventional reels. But to cast the longest you need to look for some special features in a bait-caster reel. With these features getting right, you will be able to get the longest casting bait-caster reel. So, what are those features, or what do you need to keep in mind when purchasing the longest-casting bait-caster reels? 

To help you out, I have put together some criteria that you should keep in mind when purchasing the longest-casting bait-caster reels.

Line capacity: A larger line capacity will help you to cast longer. Always look for a reel with 150-250 yd line capacity. This much line will help you to handle your line if the fish takes a long run. 

Braided Line: If your reel has a braided line system, then surely you can cast longer than other reels that don’t have a braided line. The Braid line uses a thinner diameter that helps to cast further. Make sure your reel has a 20–40-pound braid capacity. This size is ideal for braid and can cast longer. 

Gear Ratio: A good gear ratio helps the spool to spin smoothly and it reduces the friction of the spool. And less friction means smoother and longer casting. Look for a reel that has at least a 7.5:1 gear ratio. You can choose the gear ratio up to 10.5:1. 

Max Drag Capacity: Long-distance casting means larger fish. Now to handle larger fish you need a large drag capacity. Otherwise, you will lose your line and lure, not to mention the fish. So, always look for a reel with minimum 15-20 lbs drag capacity. Get more than this if you find one with a good combination. 

Spool Capacity: The more spool line capacity you have, the more distance you can cast. Try to get a reel that has a larger spool capacity. 

If you consider these things when purchasing a bait-caster reel, then the reel will cast the longest distance you need.


Of course, a reel with the longest casting ability will help you cast longer distances. But it’s not the only thing that matters in long-distance casting. With a longest-casting reel, you will need other techniques and equipment that are essential for long-distance casting. Like using the right rod-reel combination, using a lighter line, or using the right throwing technique. When you put all of these things together you can cast long-distance. 

But the primary thing for long-distance casting is the right reel that can cast long-distance. Hopefully, after finishing this article, you can get one of the best longest casting baitcaster reel and have more success with the long-distance casting system. 

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