Fuji Sk2 Reel Seat Installation – Step-by-Step Guide

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Do you want to cast fishing with a good-looking reel but at the same time want a lightweight reel as little as possible? Then you can cast with the Fuji SK2 Reel Seat. What made them unique?

Fuji SK2 Reel seats are not only good looking but also good functional seats. They are more functional in casting and spinning than any other conventional reel seats. They are better in about more than 52-54% in comparison.

But, the weight lessening doesn’t impact its performance.  It is the most sensitive and versatile reel seat but lightweight. 

How to install the Fuji SK2 Reel Seat?

To install the Fuji SK2 reel seat you need a reel seat. And for installing a standard reel seat, you will also need to install an arbor. You can make an arbor with masking tape or drywall mesh tape.

And if you don’t want to be bothered at all, go to the market, purchase a premade arbor and use it. We need to go through two Processes-Arbor installations and reel seat installation. So, what tools do I encounter to install the Fuji SK2 reel seat?


  1. Of course a spinning reel
  2. Your Fuji SK2 Reel Seat
  3. Arbor (purchased on or made off)
  4. Glue

And, I always say to be sure to put hand gloves on while doing any job.

See, we need so few tools to install a reel seat. Have you collected the tools you are encountering? If you have, then, let’s first install an arbor.

Arbor Installation:

For that, we need to grab our reel. Then we have to wrap the masking tape. But from where should we wrap the tape? We can start from about ½ inch away from the rear grip. The masking tape should be wrapped around the blank. There is such a standard form to cut the arbor. but approximately ⅛ inch is an average cut. We have to wrap the tape from the gear for a period and we can stop when the reel seat slides over the arbor snug. 

Now, we have to install another arbor. For that, this time we will start from the back. Again a gap of 1-2 inches will be taken from the front of the reel seat. 

After that, we need a third one. This arbor will be installed in the middle. After the installation of the arbor, we can start installing the reel seat.

Reel Seat Instructions:

After we have installed the arbor, we will again apply gum over the arbor. You have to make sure that the arbor is completely covered by glue. And you also have to apply the glue between the arbors. It must cover the blank places between the arbors and the reel seat.

If the gluing part is finished and it has covered the reel we can start to install the seat. To install, all the main job has been done with the arbor and glue. We only need to slide the reel seat over the arbors.

On the inside of the seat, there is also a blank space. So, we need to rotate the reel seat at 360 because it will make the glue to be fully contracted with the blank.

Now, we will meet up with the lineup we have made before with the help of arbor. For that, set the hoods of the reel seat with the spine mark and your job is done.

Point to be noted:

When I started to install the Fuji Sk2 reel seat, I encountered some questions like- Do I epoxy the seat to the graphite arbors first then to the blank or do I epoxy the arbor to the blank first, or all at the same time?

There are so many questions that arise with much more confusion. Then I have come to such a conclusion. 

The do’s and the don’ts are the sequences you need to remember while installing the Fuji SK2 Reel Seat. Like –

  • You should glue the arbor in the seat first. It makes it easier. 
  • Then, to clean up, ream the graphite.
  • Try to chuck up the reamer in a drill.
  • Try to cut the arbor off about 1/8 inch.
  • Vacuum the graphite when you make a cut-off. It’s hard to work with dust.
  • Let the glue dry after applying.
  • Measure the seat with your reel. Best, get help from an old one.

So, the installation of The Fuji SK2 Reel Seat is the easiest procedure. If you only follow the procedures, you can set the seat in a simple but effective way.

But never forget to maintain the sequences as the sequences play a vital role in the installation procedures of the Fuji SK2 Reel Seat. After installation, the Fuji Sk2 Reel Seat will give you the ever-light weight to handle your fishing reel.

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