2 Fishing Reels with Flipping Switch That I Like Most

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The world of fishing is so much versatile. The technology developed over the years for fishing gear is outstanding and advanced. 

It’s like you cannot learn enough about fishing even if you are doing it for several years. And the small details of different gears will change the way of fishing if you know how to use them properly. 

For example, I have been fishing for quite some time now. Every time I think that I know all about fishing I discover something new and I will be like wow, this is useful. 

The flipping switch on a fishing reel is one of the small but cool features like that. But there are not so many good fishing reels with a flipping switch out there. So, it’s a tough job for beginners to identify a good fishing reel with the flipping switch amongst the crowd. 

Don’t worry. It’s the reason I am writing this article. To make your job easy I have put together three fishing reels with a flipping switch that I like most. 

In the later part of the article, I will discuss why you should use a flipping switch on your fishing reel and give you a fair review of the three reels I like most that have a flipping switch. 

Why You Should Use Fishing Reels with Flipping Switch?

What is the specialty of a flipping switch? And why should you use fishing reels with the flipping switch? 

The flipping switch is placed with the thumb bar on the reel. When you are using a reel without the flipping switch, you have to use both hands to engage the reel. Because in a regular baitcasting reel the thumber stays depressed after your cast and it needs to get released to engage the reel. That is time-consuming and even you can miss a fish because of the time needed to release the thumb bar. 

But the flipping switch shows its magic here. If your reel has a flipping switch attached to your thumb bar then you can save time and cast farther and faster. It’s because of how the flipping switch works. 

The flipping switch makes the thumb bar pops back up when you release your thumb from it. And it engages the reel instantly without having to use your other hand. So, when you cast with a flipping switch reel you can change your gear easily and cast a lot farther and faster than your regular reel. This little saved time can help you catch some big fish. 

2 Fishing Reels with Flipping Switch I like:

There are some fishing reels out there with the flipping switch. But not all of them are of great quality. It’s not like you just grab a reel that has a flipping switch. It doesn’t work that way. 

Only a flipping switch won’t help you to catch lots of fish. You need a reel that provides great performance, great durability, and other important things that add value to your money. So, it’s not easy to find all of them together. 

As I have told you earlier, to give you a release from all the work I have put together the three best fishing reels with the flipping switch that I like most, and here is the review of those reels to help you make your decision.

KastKing MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reels with Flipping Switch

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Kastking Megajaws claims to be the world’s most versatile baitcasting reel. And, their claim is not entirely false. The reel does have some versatile features and they are quite useful in real-life use. 

The reel is made from a CNC-machined aluminum frame and carbon fiber side plate that only weigh 6.4 oz. Which is lightweight and gives more control to the angler’s hands. It has 9+2+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and 2 super spin spool bearings. 

These bearings do help with the long casting. Also, the aluminum and stainless build provide great durability. The reel has a unique feature called AMB which stands for ‘Auto-adjusted magnetic braking system. This system automatically adjusts the brakes by reading the speed of the pool. Which gives zero backlashes. 

And it’s not only on the paper thing. This feature does as it says. The 7.2-1 to 9.2-1 gear ratios are standard for flipping and pitching. Oh, the most important thing we are looking at is the flipping switch. The flipping switch works perfectly every time you flip or pitch. The lien and drag capacity are standard. Works fine for freshwater fishing. 

Things that I like most:

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Zero backlash
  • Long casting
  • Flipping switch
  • Good gear ratios
  • Affordable price 

Things that I don’t like: 

There is not a single thing that I do not like about this reel. This is an absolute piece for freshwater fishing especially if you are into flipping and pitching. 

The reel has some great features and an affordable price tag. And it does provide value to the price. I would recommend this one to all the beginners and pro anglers who are looking for a baitcasting reel with a flipping switch. 

Lew’s Super Duty LFS Right-hand Reel with Flipping Switch

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Lew’s super duty with flipping switch reel is one of the finest products from Lew. The reel provides great durability with the one-piece aluminum frame. Performance is smooth and consistent with the 11 stainless steel shielded ball bearings. 

The shield in the bearings system protects water, dirt, or any kind of rust. Also, the p2 super pinion bearing support provides precise alignment and solid stability. Which helps with the smooth performance. It has a carbon fiber drag system which has great drag capacity. It applies 20lbs drag power when it comes to pressure. 

This drag pressure is enough for any kind of freshwater fish. The graphite-made side plate is easy to remove and maintain. It has a 34mm large capacity spool. You will be able to use a heavy braid line with this spool capacity. The reel has a standard 8.3:1 gear ratio which is ideal for flipping. 

The line retrieval rate is 35 inches. It means every time you crank the handle you are going to get 35 inches of line into your reel. The reel weight is 8 oz. The weight is light and easy for controlling. But the price is a bit higher than the KastKing MegaJaws Elite Baitcasting Reel. And finally, the flipping switch system. 

The flipping switch works fine just as it is meant to. This reel is one of the toughest baitcasting reels with a flipping switch. There is one small thing to mention it is a right-hand reel. Lew offers both right-handed and left-handed reels for the same model. 

If you are a right-handed person then you should take the left-hand retrieval reel. Because normally you will be holding the rod with your right hand and retrieve with your left hand. And, vice versa if you are a left-handed person. 

Things that I like most: 

  • Anodized one-piece aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight
  • Higher drag capacity
  • Higher spool capacity
  • Flipping switch
  • Shielded bearing system
  • Solid speed brass gear with precision cut p2 supported pinion gear.

Things that I don’t like:

  • Shows some backlash problems. 
  • Higher price compared to competitors. 

The price of this reel is a bit higher than some of the other good products in this segment. But it’s from Lew’s, right? Lew always delivers great reels and it’s not any different. 


A fishing reel with a flipping reel comes like bliss if you are into flipping and pitching. But flipping is an exclusive fishing technique that pro anglers use. So, if you are a beginner or never used the flipping technique then you should look up the tips and tricks of the flipping technique. Once you learn the technique, you will have a different fishing experience. 

So, choose the best fishing reels with a flipping switch and enjoy one of the best fishing experiences. 

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