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Fish Gum Vs Fish Bites – Which is Better for You?

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Fish gum vs fish bites, which one is best? This silly question always came to my mind when I go for fishing. Both terms are used for surf fishing. Both the Fish Gum and Fish Bites are fish straps made from real or synthetic bait extract. The Fish Bite came to the market first, then the Fish Gum followed. 

At first, the Fish Bites were available in the supermarket and local market, but the Fish Gum was hard to find. The fish Gum was only available at online shops. But as time passes, now, Fish Gum can be found in many supermarkets. 

To analyze further I have watched videos on youtube and analyzed the real-life article about fishing with Fish Bites and Fish Gum. Between Fish Gum and Fish Bites, I prefer Fish Gum rather than Fish Bites for its overall combination.

Fish Gum Vs Fish Bites- Side by Side Comparison

Fish Gum and Fish Bite can’t be variedly differentiating because both of them are nearly relatable. But both of them have their basic field. The Fish Gum is rich in flavor whereas the Fish Bites are more durable. 

So, if one insists, they can find the following differences between the Fish Bites and Fish Gum. The main differences between Fish Gum and Fish Bites in ingredients, flavor, scent, and durability.

DifferencesFish GumFish Bites
Ingredientsreal & synthetic bait extract, Scents of clam, sand fleas, shrimp, crab, and more.replicates the natural chemicals of fish
Texture & FlavorNatural bait extract with synthetic ingredientsMimic of natural bait with amino acid
Invented in 2016The 1940s
Invented ByTony FaggioniBill Carr
Price$7.99$5.96 – $10.98
Type of fish that can be caughtRed drum, Atlantic croaker, and Gafftopsail sea catfish. 61 catchesRainer, pompano, speckled trout, grouper, snapper, and black sea bass are some of the over 85 species of saltwater fish.
Type of waterDiverse WaterSalty & fresh water
Scent lasting forUp to 30 minutesMore than Fish Gum
BiofriendlyDoesn’t decomposebiodegradable
Getting offEasy to get off the hooksuper tough and can be hard to get off of the hook
Cut in pieceAccording to needMostly as fingernail
Durability15 – 45 minutes lastingsuper durable, long-lasting
AvailabilitySuper Shop, Online ShopLocal Fish Markets

Fish Bites

Fish Bites were first noticed by Bill Carr when he cut his foot in New Smyrna Beach in the 1940s. He noticed that the small creatures are looking for food that is small in cut. It was a preserved memory for him until he turned the memory into idea in the 1970s and further a product- Fish Bites, in 1999. 

Fish Bites is combined with mimic natural ingredients with a mixture of amino acid. The combination releases a powerful scent to the fishes and attracts them. The mixture is so high that it lasts for a long time in the water. It dissolves in water slowly and sent scent to the prey. 

At first, you need to cut the bait into a small piece, mostly the size of fingernails then set it on the hook. You can use different size cuts to catch different fish, then put the bait in the water. When fishes bite the bait they hold it longer as the bait gives them the real natural flavor. 

More than 85 species of saltwater fish, including red and black drum, flounder, pompano, speckled trout, grouper, snapper, and black seabass can be caught by using Fish Bites. Fish Bites come in such a form of color- “E-Z Flea” (orange and white) as they resemble a sand crab. 

So the fishes get attracted and set a bite but can’t get out off the hook as the Fish Bites are super durable. Also, small fishes like pinfish or other tiny critters can’t cut them. So, it is really useful to catch specified fish.

For being long-term usable you have to store them properly. You can’t put it in the refrigerator because it will freeze it and become unusable. 

Fish Gum 

Fish Gum is also the fish bait for surf fishing which comes in a form of strip. The Fish Gum was invented in the spring of 2016 by Tony Faggioni with the idea of combining all of the bait’s flavor and scent in one form. It includes real bait extract with synthetic ingredients and scents like crab, shrimp, clam, sand flea, and more. 

All these ingredients are wrapped into a strip and can be cut to the desired size. All you have to buy is Fish Gum from the supermarket and cut it into small pieces set it on a hook and throw the reel into the sea. The Gum bait is so rich in flavor and scent that it easily attracts fish to take the bait. The Fish Gum strip comes in a variety of colors like sea creatures but all the packets give the same flavors and scent.   

A small piece of gum dissolves in water in 30 minutes. But you can use the bait again and again within this time. And it can be easily removed from the hook. The Fish Gum mostly attracts the Croakers, Kingfish, catfish, and other 61 species. Fish Gum can be used in diverse water like the sea or fresh water.

Which Is the Winner Among Fish Gum and Fish Bites? 

After much study and comparison, the Fish Gum is the winner because of its flavor.

Though the flavor lasts less than the Fish Bites, many fishes can be caught with Fish Gum within this time period. Because there are a lot of ingredients extracted, rich in flavor and varieties in color. Furthermore, the Fish Gum works in diverse water that is highly required to select a specific bait.


The users of Fish Bites and Fish Gum specified that the bait segments will change gradually according to the change in environment and market. So, a change in demand will also be there. 

Whether the Fish Bites is best, or the Fish Gum or other, tomorrow it could be no use of. So it’s not necessarily saying that today’s pros, tomorrow’s cons. 

And there will be furthermore baited ingredients that will be higher in characteristics and reliability. Rather than classifying which is the best among of, we should go for what is set in place.

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