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Are you an adventurer? Has the waterway been deeply calling your soul for a long time? But you want to explore the bays in a more adventurous way! Or, are you the one who is going fishing or duck hunting? Do you need a craft that has great performance in rough water?

All of these questions can be answered by one single boat. That is Excel Bay Boat. Excel bay boats are mostly used in the large bays, lake areas, and shoreside ranges. You can feel the real adventure of Excel Bay Boats in rough water. These boats might be small for the deep open ocean but can ensure stability when the waves are up in bays. Excel Boats are formed with the performance that anyone needs from their craft.

They ensure the quality to cruise across the rough water quickly that will set your mind at comfort. It doesn’t matter for which reason you’re going to the waterway, but Excel Bay Boats will be perfect for your next trip out even on the rough water.

Capabilities Of Excel Bay Boats in Rough Water:

The Company of Excel Boat is situated in Mountain View, Arkansas, 70 miles north of Little Rock. Excel boat company is the nation’s leading producer of Aluminum Bay Boats, especially for hunting and fishing. These boats are manufactured pointing to the unique and basic requirements of outdoor recreational people.

The Excel company has pride itself on constructing quality boats. Excel bay boats are fine alleged out and have excellent fit & finish that nobody can complain over it. And also having clean and roomy layouts make the excel bay boats more designed for supreme comfort and functionality.

Excel bay boats are generally deep, wide, tough, and mostly fast. So, they will give rights to smooth and fast running in rough water. Apart from this, these excel bay boats have usually extra room, big decks, and extra storage. That is top needed for all the fishers besides the requirement of a big boat ride on the water path.

Besides these boats usually have an average beam and thin draft characteristic. And, these are the attributes that make these boats a great choice for overnight cruising, day cruising, freshwater fishing, and also saltwater fishing. These boats are so safe as they are ideal for rough water. So, any trip will be good with this boat.

The Features of Bay Boats That Make Them Ideal for Rough Water

Excel Bay Boats have a large variety of boats to choose from. Models can have different distinctive characteristics. Besides many extraordinary features of excellent bay boats, there are some unique attributes that make them perfect for riding in rough water. These features are listed below:

0.160 Aluminum Body

To top the excel boats off, the hull of excel bay boats is built from a larger amount of aluminum than normal bay boats. The feature is most needed for rough water. The hull of Bay Pro 230 is manufactured from 0.160 aluminum which is the heaviest in the boating trade. Normally the bay boats have 0.125 hulls that can be dangerous to ride in rough water.

Lifted Pad Hull

For riding this 23-foot large Bay Excel Bay boat, it is built on a padded hull of 14 degrees that lifts it and delivers a dry ride that is also needed in rough water. For lifted pad hull, the Bay Pro 230 boat also permits the cruiser to go higher than typical speeds for a 23-foot boat that has horsepower varying from 200 to 250. So, this type of large boat has been built with the proper degree of pad hull that boosts the boat to deliver a dry drive with high speed.

Higher Speed

As Excel Bay boats permit the cruiser to reach a higher speed than the normal speed, so the ride is so smooth and incredibly wild, and shots are similar to on rails.

Dual Anterior Lockable Boxes

Excel Bay boats have dual anterior lockable boxes that grasp up to twelve fishing rods including six in each. These dual boxes are manufactured with a dipped water lip below the cover. For this, the water stays away from those boxes and from the floor where it flows out into the trash area.

This structure of Excel Bay Boats lets place rods and further pieces of stuff in the container box where they would be secured from rain and water wave splash. So, in rough water, this will keep you tension free from being wet.  

V-hull Design

Most of the models of Excel Bay Boats are designed with a V-hull shape. A V-hull boat is designed to cut through the waves, making it perfect for rough water. The V-shape of the hull helps to lift the boat and reduce the amount of water that comes into contact with the boat. This makes it more stable and less likely to capsize in rough water.

Wide Beam And A High Gunwale

Excel Bay Boats have a wide beam with a high gunwale. 

Wide beam boats are more stable in rough water because they distribute the weight of the boat and passengers more evenly. This makes them less likely to tip over.

High gunwale boats also do well in rough water because the higher gunwale helps to keep the boat and passengers out of the water.

Things To Consider in A Bay Boat for Rough Water:

excel bay boats in rough water

Excel bay boat has the richly deserved standing for the presence of high-performance in water path and also for being an expertly manufactured vehicle. Because they are so well manufactured and fit and finished with excellence. These boats have few flexibilities in design. Things that made Excel Bay boats ride in rough water are:


Different Excel Bay boats have different hull weights. As Excel Bay boats are manufactured with Aluminum so they are somewhat kind of heavy. Excel 220 Bay Pro has an approximate hull weight of 1750 lbs. On the other hand, Excel 183 Bay Pro has an approximate hull weight of 1350 lbs. So, the Excel Bay boat’s weight can be varied. This heavyweight of the hull keeps the boat smooth in wild water.


The thickness of Excel boats doesn’t vary with their weight. Hull Thickness if Excel boats are .125″. Because of this boat’s high performance, the thickness of these boats is generally the same.

What is it filled with?

Excel bay boats do not use foam. It is made of aluminum. So, the structure of these boats and storage is very tough. This tough structure makes it worthy of running in any water.


Excel Bay Boats have a lifetime period of limited hull warranty for all exterior welds. They have also one year of all motorized systems apart from the outboard which has its particular guarantee. Besides, the new Bay Pro 183, 203, and 220 boats have storage cover that is manufactured from 7.4oz weight of heavy water-resistant fabric material along with a 5-year service contract. That is one of the top features of these bay boats that need to be considered.

Most Perfect Excel Bay Boats for Rough Water

There are many types of bay boats available in the market. But every one of them is not suitable to ride in rough water. Xpress bay boats have flimsy hulls and very lower sides similar to a bass boat. And the Xpress Bay boats have also a few complications with those D ring of them dragging out.

The thinner hull often gets beat up in rough water and cannot ride smoothly in big waves. But Excel Bay boats hull is kind of heavier and also more profound. The more one knows different types of boats, the more one will consider choosing the Excel one because the idea of taking a thicker and heavier aluminum hull moves so great in rough water.

The excel has many series of bay boats. They have the bay pro series, shallow water f4 series, excel viper f4 and stalker series, etc. All of the bay boats of excel are well manufactured but the Excel Bay Pro Boat’s Pad Hull is planned to offer an enormously flat and smooth drive with the uppermost degree of stability, performance, management, and seaworthiness.

A particular detail of the Excel Bay Pro differentiates it from others. Additional stimulating and extreme strengthening launch the Excel Bay Pro Boat as the toughest and roughest in the boating industry. Further features include flip-up back jump seats with lower seat storage, leaning post, luxurious midpoint console with pole holders, lockup rod boxes, and double front storage partitions.

The Superliner internal covering warrants safe footing and twin ground sanitations possess it dry. The Excel Bay Pro characterizes an extraordinary grouping of functionality, performance, and workmanship. If you are the one looking for a reliable and also dependable boat in rough water that is inexpensive for your budget, an Excel Bay Pro Boat may be the perfect one for you.


Finally, we can come to the point that Excel Bay Boats in rough water perform really great because of the weight, heaviness, and rigidness of the hull. The rides of this boat are better than the maximum all-body aluminum boats anyone has ever ridden.

In essence, it is final that Excel Bay boats indicate usual stability between convenience, design, and style.  Thus, at the time of selecting your next bay boat, you can consider an Excel Bay Boat.

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