do crappie nibbles work

Do Crappie Nibbles Work?

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If you are out fishing for crappie then choosing the right pole and the right place makes your half job done. Now, to bring the fish towards the hook you need good bait.

And in past recent years, crappie nibbles are doing this job with great effectiveness. There are some other bait brands available in the market but this little crappie nibble from Berkley has shown its worth to the anglers’ community.

Crappie nibbles work better than any other bait available on the market in every aspect. From the price to the quality crappie nibbles never failed anyone. 

If you are here reading this article, then you must be thinking do crappie nibbles work? Don’t worry, I’ll discuss thoroughly if crappie nibbles work, how they work, and how to use properly crappie nibble to get the best performance out of them. 

Do Crappie Nibbles Work?

Yes, they most certainly do. 

Do Crappie Nibbles Work?

In my opinion, crappie nibbles work better than minnows, worms, or any live bait that can be used as bait. Crappie nibbles only cost 4 dollars per jar and you can use one jar for as long as six months.

While you won’t get many minnows or worms at 4 dollars that will last one month let alone six months. Why use crappie nibbles, not other baits or live baits and worms like minnows? Minnows and worms are hard to get and a little bit pricey compared to crappie nibbles bait.

On the other hand, crappie nibbles are easy to get, easy to use, come at a low price, and last longer than minnows, worms, or any other messy baits. Even in the most dreadful time of the day when no other baits work properly, crappie nibbles seem to pay off.

It is widely tried and tested by expert fishermen around the world. But there is an important factor you have to keep in mind while fishing crappie with crappie nibbles. You just can’t use crappie nibbles anywhere and expect to catch a lot of crappies.

First, you have to find the right place for fishing crappie. You will not get the same amount of crappie from everywhere. 

Crappie nibble is a revolutionary product of Berkley that is a result of 25 years of experimentation by scientists and fish experts. Crappie nibble is the best substitute for minnows and live worms. 

How Do Crappie Nibbles Work?

Crappie nibbles are made from natural ingredients and the final products are paste-like substances. To use crappie nibbles anglers attach them to the hook with the jig but keep the hook’s endpoint exposed.

Then cast them into water. Once the hook is in the water, the nibble starts to dissolve and create an attractive scent cloud. This scent cloud attracts the fish around it and helps to catch the fish more easily.

The advantage of using crappie nibbles is it dissolves slowly and lasts a long time. And after catching a fish if the nibbles have remained you can reuse them and it will work fine like the new ones.

Crappie nibbles work better with jigs and other baits. The jig or bait helps the nibbles stay much longer time. 

How to Use Crappie Nibbles for Best Performance?

Most people usually attach a crappie nibble by sliding it onto the hook point and casting them into water. But this is not the most effective way of using a crappie nibble. There are a few effective ways to use crappie nibbles that will give you the best performance you can get. 

1. The most stable and suggested way of using a crappie nibble is to slide it to the bend point of the hook. This method is recommended by Berkley and it seems to be the easiest and most effective way of using crappie nibbles. 

2. Another approach is to slide the nibbles all the way to the jig’s body. This is a stealthier way and it keeps the jig’s intended profile intact. 

3. Another effective but less popular way is to insert nibbles into the cavity of the jig’s tubes. To use it properly first you have to mash the nibble and inject it into the tube with the help of a bait pump or a syringe. 

4. If you have minnows available then you can use the nibble to add some extra features. Maybe it seems like overuse of baits but when you are using minnows and don’t have enough crappie nibbles then it’s a better way. Because sometimes minnows can be easily removed by a small bite of the fish. In that situation, you will have an extra bait attached. 

There are some additional tips for you to use the crappie nibble more effectively. 

  • Take some extra bait from the jar while fishing. If you are having a good day and scoring a lot then it will save you time. Besides crappie nibbles are soft and paste alike substances. So, when you keep the nibble outside of the jar sometimes it will give some firmness to it. Which will keep the nibble less messy. 
  • Also, you can use your nibble by fully drying them. It may seem like a bad idea but believe me in this way the chances of the nibble being fell off is lesser but does its job properly. One thing you have to keep in mind while drying the nibble is not to give excessive heat to it. If the nibble gets excessive heat, then it can lose its quality. 


If you have come this far, then you should have a clear idea about crappie nibbles. How crappie nibbles work, how to use them properly, and why it is a better choice over other crappie baits. I have covered it all throughout the article along with the question “Do Crappie Nibbles Work?” This is one of the finest crappies bait you can find. In my opinion crappie nibbles are worth the money. 

If you have any more doubts remaining in mind then go into some fishing forum or community website and you will find plenty of information to prove my words. But, my suggestion would be not to waste any more time and go get some crappie nibbles to start your successful crappie fishing journey.

Thank you.

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