Cold Weather Fishing Shoes – Two of My Personal Choices

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Fishing in cold weather or commonly known as ice fishing is quite critical if you don’t choose your gear wisely. Especially your footwear. Because if you get your feet wet while ice-fishing then you are done for the day. This disaster happens mostly with the new angler who goes first time for ice fishing. I will share a story of mine with you. Which is the first day of my ice-fishing journey. 

On the first day of my ice fishing, I didn’t get the experience I was expecting. I was new to this sport. Did not know much about cold-weather fishing. So, I went out fishing without the right pair of boots. After a while, my feet got wet to the bone and I started to feel numb. So, I packed my gear and came back home. My whole curiosity and excitement were gone for ice fishing. But I did not stop. I have researched and found out the essential thing for ice fishing. And that is the right pair of cold-weather fishing shoes.

So, after years of ice fishing experience, I wanted to share with you all the necessary things you need to know before going ice fishing. Why cold weather shoes are necessary, features of a good pair of cold weather fishing shoes, what to keep in mind when choosing ice fishing shoes, and a suggestion for the two best pairs of cold weather fishing shoes. 

Top Two Best Cold Weather Fishing Shoes (My Choice)

Like every other product, cold-weather fishing shoes have varieties. You will get confused while buying cold-weather fishing shoes if you are not pre-determined about what pairs you are going to get.

There are lots of brands selling some pretty good fishing shoes. But you have to find the best one that provides a better value for your hard-earned cash. 

To help you out, I have selected the two best pairs of cold-weather fishing shoes that are my personal choice. I will try to give a fair review of these two products so that you can choose one according to your preferences.

1. Kamik Canuck Cold weather Fishing Shoes:

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Kamik Canuck is the best value for money in my opinion. I have been using this shoe for years and it served beyond my expectation.

Kamik Canuck shoe is tall enough to provide comfort in any kind of weather. It has a rubber sole and insulated fabric that provides pretty good water resistance. I haven’t had any problem with water resistance. Its inner lining system is really good for comfort against low temperatures.

Talking about its durability, Kamik Canuck uses 1000 denier nylon and the rubber sole is tough enough to survive any condition. This shoe has a slip-resistant tread that provides a better grip system against ice. It uses adjustable bungee lacing cord at the ankle and in the opening that prevents ice from getting into the shoe. 

These are some features I prefer in cold weather fishing shoes and Kamik Canuck shoes deliver them. It has a lot of pros about it like being tall, water resistant, comfortable, good traction, and durable. But there are no cons that I could find using all these years. It’s a shoe I would recommend to anyone anytime. 

2. BOGS Men’s Classic High-M Waterproof

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BOGOS Men’s classic high-M waterproof shoes are my second choice for ice fishing. This particular shoe delivers all of the features I prefer about good ice fishing shoes.

It is knee-high tall that covers your feet pretty well against ice. The rubber sole and 100% neoprene fabric provide full water resistance. And the durability is quite good as I’m using it for almost a year and a half. The best thing about its sole is that it’s self-cleaning and the traction system is quite good. I haven’t experienced any slippery issues with this shoe.

The inner lining of this shoe is quite comfortable and precision wise it is up to -40 F or in sub-zero conditions. And another good thing about this shoe is its lightweight which helps me to move quicker. 

In my opinion the only con it has its price and this is the reason I put this as the second choice. It’s a little more expensive than the Kamik Canuck.

So, that’s my take on these two ice-fishing shoes. I have stated all their pros and cons in my way. Now it’s your turn to choose them according to your preferences. 

Why Cold Weather Fishing Shoes Are Necessary?

Cold-weather fishing shoes are necessary if you are planning to go out ice fishing. Fishing in cold weather is easy and exciting if you choose your gear right. You have to protect yourself from the cold properly. If the cold attacks you then it will not be possible to fish after a while. Especially if you get your feet wet.

Because you will need to spend lots of hours in the ice-cold weather. If you get your feet wet, you will start to feel numb after a short period. And that could hurt like hell in the cold. A lot of new anglers go out ice fishing without proper footwear, come back with hurt feet and end their ice fishing journey on the first day. But their fishing journey could be much longer and more exciting if only they had the right pair of shoes. 

Cold-weather fishing can be interesting and enjoyable rather than a sufferable one. You just have to choose your ice fishing boot wisely. 

Features Of a Good Pair of Cold-Weather Fishing Shoes

What features or characteristics make a good pair of cold-weather fishing shoes? You will find plenty of cold-weather fishing shoes in the market. But to consider them good I have listed some must-have features. Those features are given below to help you out. 

  1. Insulated leather.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. Knee-high shoe.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Rubber sole.
  6. Lightweight.
  7. Removable shoe liner.
  8. Traction sole for slip-resistant.
  9. Adjustable cords at the ankle and opening.

These are must-have features for a good pair of cold-weather fishing shoes. The quality of those features can vary from brand to brand. But these categories must be fulfilled to consider a good pair of cold-weather fishing shoes.

What To Keep in Mind When Choosing the Perfect One? 

You can’t just buy a cold-weather shoe and go out ice fishing wearing it. It’s not a wise approach. There are some factors you have to keep in mind while shopping for ice fishing shoes. From my experience of ice fishing, I will share some of the factors to consider while choosing the perfect one. 

1. Know the difference: It is the most important fact to keep in mind while getting ice fishing shoes. Not all cold-weather shoes are ideal for ice fishing even if it’s warm and waterproof. Some waterproof shoes are ideal for muddy and rainy weather.

Some waterproof shoes are ideal for boat fishing or hunting in the rainy season but not for fishing on the ice. For ice fishing, you will need a more tough and warmer product. The thing is you have to know the limitations of different cold-weather shoes and choose wisely for your need. 

2. Tall and collared: Your ice fishing shoes must be knee-high tall and have adjustable collars to prevent the ice from getting in. It doesn’t matter if your shoes are waterproof and warm. Once the ice is inside those features won’t prevent you from getting hurt.

Your ice fishing shoes should be 10-12 inches at least and the collar should be adjustable to get a tight shield system against ice. 

3. Traction system: A good traction system is essential for your ice fishing shoes. Some shoes provide great gripping in rainy places or mud but not on plain ice. If the grip is not good enough then you might get hurt badly. 

4. Durability: Ice-cold weather can damage the shoe material. Not all leather, rubber, and plastic can put fight against ice. But ice fishing shoes must be able to take a temperature of -20 F to -40 F. Otherwise, they won’t last the time you are expecting. Ice fishing shoes can be quite expensive. So, keep that in mind.

5. Warmness: Everyone should know this fact while going out to ice fishing. Not all the time gives a bone-freezing cold. Sometimes of the year is fairly warmer. Any cold-weather shoe will suffice. But you have to prepare for the worst. Always look for highly insulated shoes and at least a temperature rating of -25 F. 

6. Waterproof: The final factor when choosing the perfect cold-weather fishing shoes. Your shoes may be warm, tall and collared, durable, and slip-resistant but none of this matter if it’s not waterproof.

It’s impossible to fish on the ice with wet feet. No shoes will stay fully dry on the outside when you step in a deep drift of snow or ice. But at least your shoes should be able to keep the inside dry. 


As I said earlier, your cold weather fishing experience depends on your shoes. If you choose your shoes perfectly, you will get to experience the most exhilarating moments of your fishing journey. And if your shoes are not right then it’s going to be a disaster for you. 

If you are interested in cold weather fishing and thinking about getting a pair of ice fishing shoes then this article will certainly help you to take a decision. I have covered all the necessary things you need to know about choosing the perfect ice fishing shoes.

And the suggestion I made for the two best cold weather fishing shoes is from my own experience from years of fishing. Now, fix your preferences and choose wisely which shoes you want to get. 

Wishing you a great cold-weather fishing experience.

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