Accurate Reels Vs Avet – Which One Is My Favorite?

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Out of all the components of fishing, the fishing reel comes at the top. Choosing the right reel will change your whole fishing experience. Vice versa if you choose the wrong one. In my experience, choosing the right fishing reel is not an easy job. Especially if you are new to this sport.

There is a vast amount of choice for a fishing reel in the market. And if you are not an expert, then you will not be able to tell the difference between a good and a bad one. But, good for you, the internet is like a blessing for those who don’t have enough time or knowledge about making the right decision.

In this article, I will talk about two of the best fishing reel brand, Accurate reels vs Avet, which is quite famous for its good quality fishing reel. And this is not just some word of a random stranger. I have been fishing for enough time to suggest a good fishing reel

So, to make your job easy for finding the right fishing reel, I have chosen the Accurate and Avet as the best two fishing reels available now in the market. I will discuss their differences, a fair review of Accurate reels vs Avet, and which one will be best for you.

Some of you might have a different opinion about my decision. That’s why I kept an option. And I will try to give you enough information so that you can make your own choice. 

So, let’s dive into the discussion and see which one will be the best for you. 

Accurate Reels Vs Avet – Side-By-Side Comparison

Accurate reels vs Avet both provide the best value-for-money products. But both of them can’t be the best. For finding the best one I have selected some criteria. With those criteria, I will give you a side-by-side comparison of both brands.

Then explain them later to find the best one. So, let’s see a side-by-side comparison of Accurate reels vs Avet.

Comparison Table:
CriteriaAccurate Reels Avet Reels
Price Accurate reels’ price range is $399-$1199.Avet reels’ price range is $300- $950.
Build Materials Aircraft grade Aluminum for the frame and stainless steel for the bearing.Aluminum for the frame and stainless steel for the bearing.
DurabilityAccurate uses corrosion resistance for both aluminum and stainless. So, the product is more durable.Avet reels are made from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. Their product is durable enough.
Max Drag CapacityAn accurate reel’s drag capacity is up to70 lbs.Avet’s max drag capacity is 60lbs. 
Max line CapacityLine capacity is up to 750 yards. Line capacity is up to 1400 yards.
WeightWeight varies from 40-60 Oz.Weight varies from 50-70 Oz. 
SupportMost of the Accurate reels provide 2 years of service warranty.Avet reels provide one year of service warranty.

Review of Accurate Reel

Accurate Reels Vs Avet
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What I like most about accurate reels is the twin drag system. The twin drag system put the drag pressure on both sides of the spool evenly. By applying the drag pressure on both sides of the spool accurate reels’ performance is more consistent and stable.

For 30lbs drag pressure both sides bear 15lbs drag pressure. Because of that, Accurate reels generate less heat and consistently smooth performance. This feature gives Accurates’ reels a unique selling point. 

Accurates’ reel provides a precision level lever setting system and constant lubrication system to get a smooth drag. Accurates’ another good feature is its’ rust protection system. Stainless steel bearing, gear, and anti-revers bearing provide great protection against rust and corrosion. 

Accurates’ aircraft-grade aluminum frame combined with a stainless-steel bearing, gear, and anti-revers bearing provide great durability. And the twin-drag system and precise lever setting help with smooth and consistent performance.

Another good thing about Accurates’ reels is they are lightweight which is helpful for long-time fishing. Accurates’ reel has a reputation for long-range fishing. 

Talking about the cons of Accurate reels first comes the heavy price. To get the best accurate reels, you have to pay some extra bucks than other reels. And recently, they have removed the twin drag feature from some entry-level reels.

Even though they dropped the price for these models. But it doesn’t add up to the value of having a twin drag system. 

Review of Avet Reel

Accurate Reels Vs Avet
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Avet follows a unique strategy for their reels. They offer a base model and then upgrade that same model with powerful features according to the customers’ needs. For example, if you need the magnetic casting system for the SX base model, they will add that feature.

The magnetic casting system only comes with a high-end model like the Raptor series. I haven’t seen any other brand that does the same thing. Almost every model of Avet has some common features.

Like if you get a base model, it will have the same features as the high-end model but for improved performance, you will have to add some extra features according to your need. Avet reels come with a one-piece solid aluminum frame which is great for durability because the machine part does not fall apart under extreme pressure.

Ratcheting lever drag with a locking release knob is another good feature that Avet provides. It keeps the lever drag tight and prevents it from loosening up.

The thing I appreciate most about the Avet reels is that they provide a base model for everyone and then a choice to improve the features upon it. Which most reel companies do not provide to anglers. 

Like all the good things Avet also has some downside. I don’t quite like the heavyweight of Avet’s reel. Another bad thing is their rust and corrosion resistance is not up to the mark.

And some of the Avet reels do not come with the anti-reverse bearing system which is an important feature for good fishing reels. 

These are my take on both Accurate and Avet. Things I like and do not like about these two brands. 

Now let’s see which one is the winner in the later part of the article. 

Accurate Reel Vs Avet Reel- Which one is the winner?

In my opinion, the Avet reel is the winner here. Now, why did I choose Avet instead of Accurate? 

First Avet’s provides great entry-level products. Their entry-level products quality is similar to the high-end product. As I discussed earlier, you can choose a base model and then improve it upon your needs. This is a great advantage of the Avet reels. Accurate doesn’t provide this facility to its customer. This means for the same price you won’t get the quality material like Avet if you get an Accurate reel. 

Another reason is the price range. Accurate provides some pretty great reels in the market. But the good ones from Accurate are quite expensive in comparison to Avet. Accurates’ entry-level product is not up to the standard while Avet provides some great base model products. 

On paper, Accurate may have some extra features than Avet, but they are just extra if you ask me. I mean, Avet pull-off a great job with the spec it has. It doesn’t matter what on-paper spec the reel has. The thing that matters most is the real-life performance. In this case, Avet does its job right. 

Though Avet does not have eye-catchy features like Accurate reels, what Avet has is enough for the most kind of fishing.

You don’t have to spend extra money when you are getting a quality product at an affordable price. Besides Avet reels are easy to repair and have a great resale value because of their reputation among anglers. 

In my opinion, it’s not necessary to expend extra money for on-paper high-end specs while the affordable one also provides more than enough performance and everything you expect from a good fishing reel. 

After considering all these factors, I think Avet is the better choice for everyone. 


It’s important to know what kind of fishing you are going to do. Then decide according to that. Accurate and Avet both are great fishing reels. But when it comes to choosing one and considering all the factors, Avet provides more value for money than Accurate.  

I hope, I have provided enough information about these two reels to make a clear decision. Also, you can check out some fishing forums to get more details on these two reels. This will make you more clear about these two products and choose the right one. 

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